We believe that the right words make a difference. Whether it is the lack of right words or the time, let us diligently and professionally handle all your writing needs. We are dedicated towards providing all popular and complex business related and creative general content writing services. Following are a few examples of the most popular services we offer.

Business and Legal Writing

Corporate/ Company Profile

This document is important in order to display your qualities, importance and strengths to your potential clients. This paper generally contains all important information about your business, it’s history, philosophy and it’s products and services for the perusal of your prospect market.

Business Plan Report

Comprehensive business plan reports are vital in laying out your strategies for your business and is important in order for you to effectively communicate with all the interested parties. Most business visa applications, DA/Loan approvals and various licences and permits require your company to provide a comprehensive business plan with extensive current market research and analysis.

Company Policy, Binding Agreement & Other Documents

At Lexicon, all the legal documents you need for your business are tailored with a due diligence whilst maintaining confidentiality. Whether its a job description for your employees, sign on papers, legal binding documents with your contractors and clients, we will write it with industry specific standards and legislation in mind.

Other Various Writing Services

Unfortunately, we cannot list everything we offer or will be willing to offer. Shoot us a quick email with your queries and thoughts and we can advise how we may be of your help. If you have a need, chances are- we have a solution for it.

Creative and Technical Writing

Website, Newsletter, Magazine, General Content

Lexicon understands that the company’s first impression is through its web presence and its brand image. How the company communicates on their websites or other forms of media, usually reflects on the products and services they provide. Our writers are here to assure you that everyone who will read your media will be left with a long lasting positive opinion about your company.

Copywriting, Co-Writing or Ghost Writer Service

Whether you are struggling with words to put together or just do not have enough time, we will either co-write or ghost write the articles for you so you do not miss the opportunity to get published or showcase your expertise.

Resume/ Personal Portfolio

Make your first impression count. At Lexicon, you will get an opportunity to have your resume and career portfolio prepared with your goals and objectives in consideration. Lexicon is experienced in generating photo resumes, interactive visual resumes as well as classic content based CVs.

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